Tarrant County Repeaters

Below is a list of repeaters in Tarrant County.  Click on column title to sort by the column or type what you are looking for in the search box.  If there are any changes that need to be made to the list please let me know by submitting the info on the form at the bottom of the page.

Frequency  ToneCityCall  
  52.650-Fort WorthN5HKA
  53.150-110.9Fort WorthK5SXK
  145.110-110.9Fort WorthK5FTW
  145.250-192.8Fort WorthKD5HOG
  145.330-110.9Fort WorthW5NRV
  145.370-110.9North Richland HillsK5NRH
  146.680-110.9Fort WorthW5URH
  146.760-110.9Fort WorthK5FTW
  146.800-110.9Fort WorthW5URH
  146.840-110.9Fort WorthW5SH
  146.940-110.9Fort WorthK5FTW
  147.280+110.9Fort WorthW5SJZ
  147.540x110.9Fort WorthKF5LOG
  223.940-North Richland HillsW5URH
  224.140-Forest HillKA5GFH
  224.420-110.9Fort WorthW5SJZ
  224.680-103.5Fort WorthW0BOD
  224.780-110.9Fort WorthN5UN
  224.940-110.9Fort WorthK5FTW
  440.550+Fort WorthKB5DRP
  441.375+110.9Fort WorthKB5ZMY
  441.675+Fort WorthK5AMM
  441.750+100North Richland HillsK5NRH
  441.850+110.9Richland HillsN5VAV
  442.125+156.7Fort WorthKA5GFH
  442.200+110.9Fort WorthW5SJZ
  442.775+110.9North Richland HillsN5ABV
  443.050+88.5Fort WorthWD5GIC
  443.150+110.9Fort WorthN5PMB
  443.225+North Richland HillsKA0BRN
  443.600+110.9North Richland HillsW5URH
  443.975+110.9Fort WorthN5UN
  444.100+110.9Fort WorthK5FTW
  444.300+110.9Fort WorthK5MOT
  444.900+110.9Fort WorthW5NRV
  1291.000-156.7Richland HillsN5CJD
  1292.780-110.9Fort WorthN5UN

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